Once again, the MYBA Superyacht Chefs Competition took place during the MYBA Charter Show in Genoa this year.
Congratulations to all and a very warm thank you to our sponsors: GIS Yacht Provisioning, SuperYacht World, Vins Sans Frontieres,Yachting Matters.

The theme was : “Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Dinner Party with your most decadent chocolate dessert”
There was also an additional competition for the crew with the Best Service Award: The Best Welcome and overall impression of crew effort as a team and table service along with Tablescaping for a “Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Dinner Party”.

And the winners are…

Yachts 36m and under

Chefs winners

1st place Inouis - Chef Sebastien Baudouin
2nd place Phoenix - Chef Paul Baumann
3rd place The Wellesley - Chef Bradley van Rooyen

Yacht Service Award
1st place Caroline 1
2nd place Quantum

Table Scaping:
Heliad II - Claire Lefevre

Yachts 37 to 46m

Chef Winners

1st place Aurelia - Chef Ed McLachlan
2nd place 4A - Chef Charlie Rawlings
3rd place Don Chris - Chef Jonathan Els

Yacht Service Award
1st place This Is Us
2nd place Thumper

Table Scaping:
4A - Nicoleta Lacob

Yachts 47m and over

Chef Winners

1st place Axioma - Chef Stephan Paskins
2nd place Keri Lee III - Chef Scot Mcdonald
3rd place Amadeus – Chef Alessandro Collavoli

Yacht Service Award
1st place Amadeus
2nd Place Va Bene

Table Scaping:
Keri Lee III - Sophie Lobejko

Best overall chocolate dessert
Amadeus - Alessandro Collavoli

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